Why I Love Being A Doula On The Palouse

I grew up on the Palouse and can honestly say that I love Moscow and Pullman. Our home is awesome! When I became a doula I realized that the Palouse is even more amazing than I had previously though. Here's why...



Two Universities. I myself am a Vandal fan but both Universities are great for our community. As a doula I am able to work with lots of younger families who are either students or professors at one of the two universities. I also know that both UI and WSU bring a diverse culture to our region. As much as game day traffic sucks, I still love living in a college town.

Amazing hospitals. Both Moscow and Pullman have hospitals that are awesome to have a baby in! I have attended births at Gritman Medical Center and Pullman Regional that were peaceful, natural, respectful, and beautiful. Both hospitals have very nice birthing centers that are accommodating to Mom, Dad, and baby. But there's not just Gritman and PRH. We also have a free standing birth center and a handful of home birth midwives.

Access to resources. The Palouse is so jammed packed full of family resources it amazes me. Whither you are looking for a birth center, a lactation consultantchildbirth education classesprenatal yoga, or just a good mommy group, it's here! 

The food. How can such a remote place have such awesome dining choices? I spend more weekends than not at Mikey Gyros, The Bagel Shop, La Casa Lopez, Breakfast Club, or Birch and Barley. 

The community. I am beyond thankful for the love and support that I have received throughout my doula journey here on the Palouse. I am surrounded by some of the most professional, caring, and compassionate care providers and birth professionals in the world. I am spoiled.