All About Your Doula

As some of you might know, this week is World Doula Week! (3/22-3/28). Once again I am here to celebrate by participating in Not Just Nine's blogging challenge. I'll be posting a blog each day to celebrate doulas and educate anyone who will listen! Want to join the challenge? It's not too late!

Todays topic is something I don't always love discussing... me! Part of my job as a doula is that I get to know my clients in a very intimate way. I spend hours in their homes, see them naked (Moms anyway), massage and rub them for hours on end, and even cry with them. But it's rare that I discuss my own life with my clients. Today I'm opening up in an attempt to let me clients get to know me better. Thanks for listening!


Who Am I?

I am Theresa. I'm a 20-something Mom and "old lady" who loves to bake, read, and support families. I grew up in and around the Palouse and loved it so much I decided to raise my own family here.  Sometime before the birth of my daughter I realized my desire to peruse birth work and found a DONA doula workshop with Kyndal May of Baby Bump Services, a placenta encapsulation training with Full Circle Placenta, and countless webinars and workshops for the continued education of doula work. In April of this year I will complete a midwifery assistant training with local midwife Vivianne Fisher and shortly after that, another doula training with ProDoula. If you saw a sneak peek at my calendar you might get overwhelmed with the amount of workshops and trainings I can squeeze into a week.

But enough about all that. Let's talk about what really matters. Let us talk about what makes me weird. I'll start off by saying that I love coffee. But not the regular ol' drip coffee. I'll spend $6 on a 20 Dutch Bro's Double T any day; and honestly, my espresso machine was the best money I ever spent. But coffee isn't all; I love food! Baking cooking and eating out are some of my favorite things. Chocolate chip cookies might be my favorite thing in the whole world. But I absolutely can't stand chocolate ice cream. Go figure. I have two cats who are named after a Disney movie; and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I love going to the park with my four year old and the pool is one of our favorite places in the summer. Sometimes I sleep until 10 but that's me; I love my sleep. I make my bed every morning, with all 10 pillows that my hubby hates. That's okay though; life is full of compromises. But it's is beautiful; there are days you can easily forget but then my daughter will snuggle up while we watch Master Chef Jr. and she'll say something like "you're my best friend". That's when I know my life is truly amazing.

Thanks for "listening". See you around!