Love Notes

"Having Theresa as our doula was a great decision. We were able to meet numerous times during my pregnancy which was helpful in getting to know Theresa, as well as learning information and discussing things such as  concerns  and expectations. Theresa was great at answering all of our questions and covering topics that were particularly important to us prior to labor , such as pain management techniques. During labor and delivery Theresa was an incredible support in every aspect and I cannot put into words how much she helped during such an emotional , meaningful , yet challenging time. I am very happy that Theresa helped in the journey of bringing our son into the world and would strongly recommend her as a doula." 

"Working with Theresa was such a blessing. My husband and I met with Theresa a few times before the birth of our daughter, and by the time the big day arrived we felt comfortable with her and happy she was at the hospital with us. In our meetings leading up to the labor and delivery we discussed our desired birth plan while acknowledging the need to keep an open mind as any number of things can cause plans to change. We also discussed relaxation methods, along with what to expect as we were checking into the hospital. Theresa was so full of information, always asking us lots of questions to make sure she got to know us and to make sure we weren’t left with any questions, and even though this was my first pregnancy, I felt quite comfortable arriving at the hospital knowing I would have her there as an advocate who knew my desired birth plan and was also familiar with how the hospital worked. I noticed she got along well with the staff and the doctor which contributed to the overall relaxed vibe in the room. She was extremely encouraging when things didn’t go as planned..which happened right off the bat. She was able to adjust and help me feel comfortable with the new direction I was headed in. I am so happy I decided to have a doula and will definitely have Theresa present for any future births." - B.B. Jan, 2015


“Our experience with having Theresa as our doula was wonderful! We were so grateful to have hired her to support us for the birth of our second child. During our prenatal meetings, she really took time to get to know us and was a wealth of knowledge and resources for my husband and I. I would never want to have another baby without Theresa there.” –H.R. Dec, 2014.

"Theresa encapsulated my placenta for me. I was very impressed with her professionalism; she obviously took great care with my placenta. The packaging was very nice and she was very informative, answering all of my questions. With the capsules I got a bunch of pictures so I could see exactly how it was prepared. I loved knowing exactly what happened to my placenta and not needing to worry about hygiene, health, or safety. I would recommend this to any new mom. Having Theresa do my encapsulation was one of the best choices I made regarding pregnancy." -2nd time mom. February, 2015

"Theresa was a great help at a difficult labor." - MD, Pullman Regional Hospital. Nov, 2014

"Theresa was a huge help to this mother and was one of the reasons she had a vaginal birth! -Certified Nurse Midwife, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. Jan, 2015

"Theresa exceeded our expectations as a birth doula. She provided support throughout pregnancy and helped set my mind at ease, discussing my fears and expectations. She was always very professional yet very personal as well, and by the time I went into labor I felt comfortable and already had a strong relationship with her. She was supportive of my desires and provided me with the resources to prepare for the kind of birth that I wanted. My baby came early and she was able to come when I needed her in labor her even though she wasn’t supposed to be on call to come for a few more weeks. She helped me relax during labor, and helped my husband to know how to help me. Her familiar face put us both at ease when the nurses kept changing. When the nurses wanted to do things one way she was able to talk to them and find a happy medium where they could do what they needed to do and I could still be comfortable. Her communication with them on my behalf was invaluable. She advocated for the birth that I wanted so that I didn't have to and could focus on my labor. She was focused on helping me manage contractions and could always suggest something new to try that I might not have thought of. Theresa’s support was invaluable, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for extra support during pregnancy and birth." -C.G. May, 2014

"Theresa was very helpful to Mom. She was able to recommend different positions to help speed up labor. I would enjoy working with more doulas like her." -Gritman Medical Center R.N. Oct, 2014

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