Birth Doula Package

The following services are included in the birth doula package:

  • A no-obligation initial meeting. This meeting is less about planning and more about discovering compatibility. It will allow you to decide if we are a good match. It is important that we connect as a team and that you feel safe and comfortable!
  • 1-3 additional prenatal visits where we will discuss your birth values and goals and identify your physical, emotional, and educational support needs. We will go over your desires, hopes, and fears for labor and birth and also identify the roles of your birth team including myself, your partner, and anyone else that will be present at your birth. Most prenatal visits will occur in your own home and last up to 2 hours.
  • Assistance in writing a birth plan (if you would like). This will take place at one of the prenatal visits. We will discuss the best way to write an effective birth plan that will be read and followed by your caretakers and loved ones.
  • Unlimited access to my lending library during pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after birth.
  • Unlimited phone and email support beginning from when you hire me until your baby is born.
  • 24/7 on-call support for the one month period surrounding your birth. You do not need to be "in active labor", at the hospital, or past any labor milestone for me to come. When you need me, I will be there.
  • Continuous labor support at your home, as well as a hospital or birthing center. I will remain with you and continue labor support as long as permitted.
  • Access to a number of labor assistance and pain coping tools such as a rebozo, birth ball, peanut ball, and *birth stool.
  • After the birth, I will remain with you for up to two hours to make sure you are settled and comfortable. I leave when you desire.
  • One postpartum visit to review your birth, answer any questions you may have, and admire your new baby.
  • Continued unlimited phone and email support during the first six weeks of your baby's life.

Fees and Discounts

The total fee for my birth doula services is $600. A deposit of $200 is due when you hire me as your doula and the remaining $400 is due at 37 weeks gestation.  In consideration of families for whom this fee presents a hardship I will waive a portion of my fee. Call me today to chat about discounts, payment plans, or barter.